Paula Mendoza-Hanna

I was born in Kalookan City, Philippines. Lived in Bahrain and Qatar for a spell. Grew up mostly in Richmond, B.C. Canada. I’ve lived in Austin for almost seven years now, and I call it home. My first true poetry love was e.e. cummings. I’ve had many since him, all of whom hold a dear place in my heart.

My current (love) affairs: Anne Carson. Alice Notley. Robert Hass.

Some other random bits of info (which will change according to mood and weather):

– The very first poem I wrote was about clouds.

– My favourite flavour is red.

– I can’t walk in heels.

– I am impressed by people who incorporate obscure, ridiculous and sometimes obselete words into casual conversation. (i.e. musketballs, valkyrie…)

– I don’t smoke. Except when I do.

You can read me here:

You can also read me here and here.

  1. 08.13.08 at 7:09 pm

    Paula, It was nice to see you at the David Jewell event, which was a fine evening. Riot Ink is attractive and intelligent.

  2. 11.22.11 at 6:01 pm

    Your poetry is imaginative and innovative. I looked you up after finding your Poem of the Issue in the Austin Chronicle on October 21st. I send out an e-mail newsletter about Austin poetry readings and events once or twice a month. If you would like to see it, either e-mail me: or look at the Austin Poetry Society website, under Newsletters.

    Elzy Cogswell, President, Austin Poetry Society

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