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Ars Notoria features JESSICA PIAZZA


jess poster3 

You can read Jessica Piazza here, here and here.

Also, check out a clip of her reading last here:

This is going to be a stellar reading, so y’all be sure to make it out. Enjoy a cool drink in Austin Java’s patio and soak in the awesomeness that is Jessica Piazza. This time around, our good friend George Leake will be hosting the event.

Also, new issues of Maker III will be available at the reading. A LOT of great writers in this issue, so don’t miss out.  Pick up a copy at the reading, and stay tuned for Maker IV, as well as a special RIOT reading featuring the contributors sometime late July.


George Leake debuts COEUR at 12th Street Books



George Leake runs the production company Ars Notoria, as well as Pull Down Press. He has published several chapbooks including Blood and Chocolate, Tacit Notes, Nine Nocturnes, and The Hedgepig Agonistes. His latest offering is the lush, heady and thoroughly bewitching Coeur.  He has produced many outstanding literary events and readings around town including such memorable events as WAR TRANCE at Hyde Park Theatre, featuring UT’s own giants, Douglass Parker and Tom Cable.

He will be reading from Coeur at

 12th Street Books, Thursday February 26th, at 7pm.



An excerpt from Coeur:



down to the footpath-scuttling in the brush



scarlet tree bellowing-here is the track

where blossoms engorged assert and express

longing for joining, crush fallen whisper

utters we can’t, you won’t, what will they say

nothing from everything, what shall we reap

a glance, a word, a kiss, day unto night

grey beyond windows, a plain wooden chair









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S P A C E M A N : D A D A : R O B O T


 Hey folks, just wanted to let you know about an upcoming multimedia art show by the artistic collaborative Electronic Planet Ensemble.  The group includes Sergio R. Samayoa, Chad Salvataand David Jewell, an artist and poet RIOT Ink has had the pleasure of featuring at a couple of events. 

We here at RIOT Ink know great work, so believe us when we tell you this is going to be a spectacular show.

So GO!

Be blown away!

And tell ’em RIOT Ink sent ya!


 ê ê ê ê ê
 via email, David Jewell:

 There will be a mail-art exhibit at the VORTEX THEATRE from JANUARY 9th to JANUARY 24th 2009. We will display all art received before the closing on Jan. 24th.

The THEME is Spaceman:Dada:Robot.
You can send something about one or all three of those words.

Mail art is the sending of original art, which you create, (i.e. a postcard, a poem, a collage, a drawing, anything) through the mail. We will display all mail received and also show it on the web. If it gets to us soon enough we may use it as part of the video for the show.

The show is a multimedia show: Music, Spoken Word, Big Video Screen, creating an environment of entertaining
sights and sounds. Stories and thoughts and music that has a beat and you can dance to.

It is fun based. Not serious based. It is serious.
But not boring. It is lively and enlivening and the text of the show contains actual astounding Facts About Space and Time.

So send us some art to this address:
8003-B Tisdale Dr.
Austin, TX 78757

The Performance will be at the Vortex.

Starting Friday January 9th at 8 p.m.

and every Thur. Friday, Saturday and Sunday after that until the 24th.


Vortex Theater is at 2307 Manor Rd. 78722 


For more info. click here

mail art will be displayed at

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Summer’s over and Halloween is coming!

Pictures from our final summer reading with the wonder Jill Alexander Essbaum as our featured reader.  She did a very nice job of keeping the harlots at bay and bring the Swiss Alps to all of our hearts.

And once again thanks to our lovely friends for being supportive!  It was a great final summer reading.  Thanks for coming to rock the mic week after week.  We REALLY appreciate you guys and gals coming out.  It was a really fun time and hopefully we can keep the dream alive through the fall and spring.

Now, on to the future, the up-and-coming: HALLOWEEN!!!!!  Here at RiotInk headquarters the diligent poets Paula, Matthew, Ryan, and Travis are coming together for a collaboration and plans for an of October reading at Jo’s Coffee Shop.  More details to come.  It is going to be AWESOME.  Just think:  zombies, vampries, ho-bunnies, and mummies!!!!



 Jill Alexander Essbaum is the author of several books of poetry, including, Bakeless Prize Winner, Heaven, Oh Forbidden, Harlot, and her latest opus, Necropolis. She has been published in, among others, Poetry, Black Warrior Review, The National Poetry Review, The Best American Erotic Poems, Coconut and No Tell Motel. She has taught at Concordia University in Austin, and at the University of Texas (where I and a few other fellow members of RIOT Ink are proud to call ourselves her students). 

I first became a fan of Jill’s at ACC when, my professor at the time, Lyman Grant, gave me a copy of Oh Forbidden. I had spoken to him about the trouble I had expressing the erotic in poetry, of heeling that fine tightrope line between virtue and vice, that is–the sublimity of sex. Up until then, all I encountered seemed either too abstract or austere (think: blooming peonies, stiff reeds) or too Harlequin and gaudy (think: things that ‘throb’ or ‘moisten’).

 The answer I received that semester in Jill’s book was the beautiful and complicated music of desire, wherein the notes of metaphor, imagery and rhyme shimmer. Its sonnets are so lush, so unabashed and yet, even for all their ecstatic gush, elegantly and deftly composed. It wasn’t long afterwards that I sought out all her works. She is tremendously witty and clever, and there is nary a pun she cannot polish to sparkling, nor a line of hers that does not astonish an ear in its aural acrobatics. Since that serendipitous semester, I have met Jill and am honored and blessed to call her my friend. She is a writer of true grace.

Do read this interview with her by editor and poet Reb Livingston, and this feature on You can also read her poetry here and here. Do come out and join RIOT Ink in celebrating a summer of amazing poetry with this amazing poet.

All you need to know:

What: RIOT Ink’s Finale Reading


Jill Alexander Essbaum


Special Guest Readers


RIOT Ink’s performance collaboration


the debut of our litzine MAKER II


When: September 11th, 7pm-830pm

Where: Austin Java Coffeehouse, 1206 Parkway (12th and Lamar)










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Ken’s been a regular reader at our events and we’re really excited to get a chance to hear a full set from this wonderful poet. Ken Fontenot has an M. A. in German Language and Literature from UT Austin and has taught German and Introduction to Humanities at ACC. Having published two books of poems, the second of which, All My Animals and Stars, won the 1988 Austin Book Award, his poems and translations of poems from the German have appeared in such journals as the American Poetry Review , Kenyon Review, Georgia Review, Poetry International, and the New Orleans Review. He has been poetry editor of two literary magazines in New Orleans and most recently, in 2006, edited Di-verse-city, the annual poetry anthology of the Austin International Poetry Festival. Presently he is taking time off from coursework at Texas State’s MFA program in San Marcos in order to get more of his own poetry-writing done.


  Joe Ahearn is the author of Five Fictions (poetry, Sulphur River Review Press) and sin-thét-ik (poetry, Firewheel Editions Press). He has recently published poetry and essays in Sentence, Flashpoint and the Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poetry. Fiction is forthcoming in the Sonora Review.  Ahearn currently holds a James A. Michener Fellowship in poetry and fiction at the University of Texas at Austin. We at RIOT Ink had had the pleasure of reading and hearing Joe’s work before. Joe Ahearn in his essay  “The Freedom Principle: First Notes Towards a Poetics of Liberation” says “the first purpise of the liberated poem is to provide exactly what is lacking in general culture, a zone of real emotion…” This was one of my first impressions upon reading his book, FIve FIctions. The language in it is not only exciting and crafted, it is genuinely moving. There is an integrity and honesty in his verses, true poignancy that is not always comfortable by undeniably beautiful. The stories these poems tell are distinctly humane and have a reverence for the sublimity of human experience. His poetry is charged, not only emotionally, but stylistically and intellectually as well. The tone is at once familiar and rarified. We’re happy to have him back on our stage.

Come out for an evening of some fine poetry!

(All you need to know):

When: Thursday August 28th, 7-8:30

Where: Austin Java Coffeehouse, 1206 Parkway (12th and Lamar)

What: A RIOT Ink poetry event featuring

Ken Fontenot and Joe Ahearn



Also coming up, for our finale reading:

author of Heaven, Oh Forbidden, Harlot and Necropolis

Jill Alexander Essbaum


RUTA MAYA features RIOT Ink

Join us this Tuesday, August 12th at Ruta Maya (3601 South Congress). The poetry open mic kicks off at 6, and we’ll be coming on around 8. Come early, hang out, read & listen. David Bates and Marty Lloyd are hosting this event, and those men put on a fantastic show. Don’t miss out.


Looking forward to seeing you guys there!