Our First Born:

Ain’t she just darling, folks?

MAKER (one), the cherry edition, is a collection of poetry from our writers. It is a sampler of diverse styles, each endeavouring to capture our individual relationship with words. Within MAKER’s pristine white covers, a reader will find that words can comprise, for one, a journey or a seeking. They can also be the means to reveal or light beauty. Words can capture the rarified, electric distance between people. Still, words just may be a code, the natural order of things. It is a (very) limited run, but copies are available at our readings for free, or for a small donation if you feel so inclined. I myself am no one to turn down a cup of joe if a body was moved to offer.


Curiouser and curiouser.

Alice 1.

It’s RIOT Ink’s baby bunny book, pure as the downy snow, as vestal virgins, as uncut coke. Alice 1. is a collection of poems and also a working draft for Paula Mendoza-Hanna’s manuscript Alys: Architect. Prodigal. Witch. It’s a very, very, very limited run. That means it’s only available if she really, really, really likes you.

(FYI: she loves fine dark chocolate, Medici cappuccinos, and shiny pretty things.)

(Also, dictionaries. She might like you even more if you were to find her some great portable dictionaries. She’s always looking for good dictionaries.)





The Prose edition, Edited by Matthew N. Anderson. Works by Miles Blizard, and Travis Freeman among many others



– Ms. Nothing – Zack Tuck.

A Poetry Comic Book chronicling the Ms. Adventures of one Ms. Nothing.

– White Men

– Hymen

– Sonnets & The Modern Byron – Matthew N. Anderson

– Waldo, Oz and Other Journeys – Zack Tuck

– Monsters & Superheroes – R.M. Murphy

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